Black Saturday 2009 – 2019

It is 10 years since Black Saturday. Time to Remember and Respect.

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It tells the story of Bronwyn and family, who are Black Saturday survivors.

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The 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission website has been archived and is available at the National Library of Australia archive site

Planting out Haining Farm – Public Notice

Despite the local community  being against planting out Haining Farm, as well as going against the intentions of the recommendations of the Royal Commisson, Park Victoria will continue to implement.

We will end up with 59ha additional Fuel Load in the already Fire prone Upper Yarra Valley.

Against the recommendations of the Royal Commission, there is NO Fire Break ( 100 m is required ) between the revegetation and the houses of Don Valley.

Due to the increased Fire Risk, the houses ate the edge of the township will likely get a Bushfire Management Overlay, will be more difficult and costly to get insurance of house and content, and in many cases it will be too costly to rebuild the same house after a fire.


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Introduction – (What’s in the name)

We represent a group of local people in Victoria, concerned about the “Fire Safety” in “Victoria”.

Looking for a name, we found “Fire Safety Victoria” to be available.

We are INDEPENDENT, not connected to any organisation and like to be a voice of all local people who live in Fire Prone Areas, who want to address their Fire Safety.

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